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Personal Injury
Areas of Expertise

Car & Trucking Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Wrongful Death

Boating & Recreational Accidents

Catastrophic Injuries:

Fractures, Amputations, CRPS, Paralysis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Injury

Hit & Run Accidents
Bicycle Accidents
Dog Attacks
Accidents Involving a Business or the Government

Estate Planning
Areas of Expertise

Last Will & Testament


Living Will

Financial Power of Attorney

Medical Power of Attorney

Pour-Over Will
Do Not Resuscitate
Asset Transfer & Protection
Memorial Instructions

Why You can trust us to Handle your Case:

Work With A Lawyer

You will have direct access to your lawyer whenever you need.
Of course, we use the help of assistants and paralegals but
They don’t run your case, your lawyer does.

Custom & Personalized Case

Your case is unique.
We are not a settlement mill law firm.
We maximize the value of every case.

We Win

When we take your case, we expect to win
because we don’t stop until we do.

Old-Fashioned Work Ethic With Modern Efficiency

We show up. We work hard. We see it through.
And, we do it all with speed and accuracy.
“When you have legal needs, anxiety tends to go way up! When you have to wait on replies to figure out what is going on it can get worse. Trevor put all of that to rest. I never had to wait for days to get a reply and speaking with someone who is on your team and understands the game is the best feeling there is. Rare these days to find someone who genuinely cares what your outcome is. Thanks for your help Trevor. We are forever loyal clients!”
– Scott Palmer
“We have had the pleasure of working with Trevor on a couple of occasions and are very impressed with his knowledge, abilities and integrity. It’s comforting to know that when you have a problem, especially when you’ve been injured, that you have someone who you can trust and know things will get done right. We have even recommended him to close family members.”
– Jaren Osmond
“I highly recommend Trevor. I have sent a good friend and family member to Trevor after they were involved in an accident. Trevor has built a strong case and worked very hard to represent both of them at their times in need. His hard work and honesty does not go unnoticed.”
– Liz Khoury

“Trevor made it beyond easy for us to put in place critically important documents for our family! I’d highly recommend working with Trevor if you need honesty and transparency.”
– Xavier Major

“Trevor is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable, proactive and informative. Highly recommend his services.”
– Tyson Brown

“My husband and I were in a horrific car accident due to a head on driver who got away. Giving immediate attention to our situation, I received a visit at the hospital and knew we were in good hands. Trevor is compassionate, he keeps open lines of communication, and works with great diligence to get the help you deserve”
– Jess Neven

“Trevor genuinely cares about getting results for his clients. He does everything possible to get a good outcome. He doesn’t give up and he won’t let his clients down”
– Laura Juarez

“After my stay at the hospital I really didn’t know what to do. I had been in a severe head on accident and was down and out. I knew that I needed help but didn’t know where to turn. I knew I needed help so I contacted Trevor and he came to my house and sat down and went over what had happened . Needless to say Trevor saw my case thru from start to finish and then some. After the case was finished he still called to see how my recovery was going. Great lawyer.”
– William Smimons

Beware the Ambulance Chaser:

Phony & Fake Awards

Any of these awards (and there are more) are complete bogus.
Lawyers simply pay a fee to use these logos.
You’re smarter than to believe everything you see.

Outrageous TV & Billboard Ads

You know who they are.

The churn & burn mill

Like McDonalds®, many injury lawyers make a predictable but cheap product. Now think of the best hamburger you’ve ever had, that’s what we offer. Your choice.

Discount Fee Gimmicks

It’s only 25% until it’s not. Pretty soon you’re paying 40% or more to your lawyer. Our fees are consistent and transparent.

A Lifetime of Achievement & Success…

$45,000,000 Recovered
For Clients Thus Far…

Mr. Orme is a unique breed among the seemingly endless pool of injury lawyers. The divide between injury lawyers who know what they are doing and those that don’t continues to grow. Receiving his training within a pedigree of record-setting lawyers, Mr. Orme is matchlessly equipped to handle your case.

Personal injury law is not what Mr. Orme intended to practice. But, when he took on his first injury case representing a family of four whose mother was killed and whose father suffered life-altering injuries in a car crash caused by a drunk driver, Mr. Orme found his place.

Mr. Orme’s clients find that he is a direct and creative lawyer and sympathetic friend. Mr. Orme is dedicated to you and your success.

Elementary / Jr. High School

  • [Premier Award - “In Recognition of Outstanding Achievement & Citizenship”
  • [Chris Emerson Award - “Exemplary Human Relation Skills, Integrity, Service & Fairness”

High School

  • [Outstanding Sophomore
  • [Allstate Jazz Musician (Trumpet Soloist)
  • [Eagle Scout

Brigham Young University

  • [Circle of Honor Award - “Exceptional example of Honor, Integrity & Commitment”
  • [Director, Student Honors Association
  • [Bachelor & Minor Degrees: Business Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource & Italian

Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

  • [Arizona Supreme Court, Staff Attorney’s Office
  • [Arizona Ombudsmen’s Office
  • [Executive Board, Law Journal


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